Sourcing process



We create property brochures for all of our properties that will contain key information about the opportunity presented. These will typically include:


  • ​ Location and postcode

  •  Property type eg flat or house, no of bedrooms, no of bathrooms

  •  Rental price and deposit amount

  •  Distance to station

  •  Floorplan

  •  Up front costs, breakdowns and profit

  •  Property video tour

as shown below on an example

Our property database is constantly being updated with new properties, price reductions, recent incentives that relate to no deposit and rent-free opportunities available.


The best and most efficient way to be kept in the loop with these important developments is to be added to our mailing list that is essentially conducted through Whatsapp and an email system.


Please let us know your preferred method of contact.


Whatsapp Number           Email address


Viewing process and Non- Disclosure Agreement.


The viewing of the property is an opportunity that we will arrange for you so that you are firsthand able to gauge for yourself the opportunity presented. To be able to thoroughly inspect each and space and room within. A chance to view all internal and external features of the property and to get a true idea of the entire condition and also physical location. We accompany each viewing along with, typically the agent or landlord.  We expressly and kindly request that during this appointment, you retain all questions and queries until the end of the tour and direct these toward us and our team rather than engaging in any discussion or negotiation with either the agent or landlord. We actively as standard, will seek your feedback once you have seen the property in its entirety. It is not permitted and strictly forbidden to exchange business cards or personal information with our network contacts at any time. Please see an example of our NDA that will require your acceptance prior to any viewings being place or any offer accepted.


Viewing and company qualification/suitability

We like to be as transparent as can possibly be, hate to waste time and will never beat around the bush. We work with a number of different operators with varying strategies toward their HMOs and SAs. Some have been established for many years with tried and tested models, some may be younger companies with capital and experience behind them. As such and if you are new to our database and business would ask that you provide the following information so we can suitably put you forward to viable deals.

  •  Company name

  •  Company website

  •  Years in business (ideally not less than 3 years to show an established operating business)

  •  Number of HMOs/SAs managed

Are you a younger company that is less than 2-3 years old? We will need

  •  A personal guarantor

  •  Your ability pay any rent in advance (ie 3 – 6 months

  •  Your ability to make quarterly payments?

Offering procedure and holding deposit’s

This is where we work the hardest to present your proposal in the best possible light, negotiate as favourably as possible and seek fast agreement and acceptance. Please don’t be too offended if we ask for as much information as possible, this is all in order to get you in the strongest most attractive position in the negotiation. We remain involved and liaise on your behalf until the transaction is completed.

For us to do this credibly and with conviction, a holding deposit is an absolute must. This will give the agent and or landlord the confidence to take your offer seriously, demonstrate commitment and give us the ammunition needed to push your offer home as quickly as we can.

Refund of your holding deposit

If for any reason your offer is rejected by the landlord and more crucially you have not withdrawn your offer and the proposal is still declined, your deposit will be refunded to you in FULL within 48 hours or you have the option to continue negotiating until a mutual agreement has been obtained.

If however, you decide you do not wish to proceed once placing a deposit, you will likely lose it as other interest and marketing time will have been negated and declined in favour of your offer.

Referencing and required documents

This can vary to the stringent and to the not so strict, however:

As all our established investors that source through us regularly already know, you will need to prove a certain level of affordability and provide particular information and documents needed to proceed and successfully complete. These will typically include

  •  Company name and registration

  •  Company website

  •  Telephone, address and contact for reference

  •  Accountants details

  •  3-6 months bank statements

  •  Proof of ID for the directors

  •  Two references from current or past landlords

Personal Guarantor? we will additionally need


  • Passport copy

  • Complete and signed deed of guarantee

  • Employment or Accountants letter (SA302 form for self- employed applications)

  • Last 3 months banks statements and payslips

  • Two current or past landlord references