We are Hiring!

We need a range of talented people from dedicated housekeeping staff to guest coordinators and associates, operations personnel to help us continue to uphold our high standards.

Assistant to Head Of Operations

Assisting and supporting the operations team to the max so they can provide the super helpful service to our guests and keep the business fluent and credible.

This will include managing the remote team as they perform their daily duties maintaining guest satisfaction and hospitality. Assisting with any problems they encounter and supporting them in their ability to deliver strong customer service at all times.

Supporting frontline office operations with an assortment of random and urgent issues that will spring up.

Be extremely adaptable to last minute operational changes and targets

Keep on top of the inbox and manage enquiries and ensuring everyone has been responded to.

Helping with managing and coordinating the cleaning and housekeeping teams with the drivers and their vans

Be able to work well under pressure and  not be fazed by having to work fast and make quick decisions

Be well presented and a good clear communicator, being multi lingual would be amazing!


Making sure that maintenance has been addressed and managed

A real fast paced thinker with good organizational skills, can multi task effectively. having he ability to take the captains seat.

This is a 8-9 hour a day shift role, 7 days a week with two days off per week and a salary up to 30k per annum


Assistant to Head of Cleaners

To manage the leaning team and ensuring all cleans have been carried out timely and punctually.


Ensuring standards are being met and delivered


Carrying out inspections


Managing the cleaning rota

Meting confirmed clients at the property and organizing to be guest ready, capturing all the important and key elements and information of functionality and guides


Training cleaners on cleaning standards and on how to set properties up hotel style

Training cleaners on how to use our software in order to create reports and ensuring consistent service levels


Coordinating with the guest and maintenance teams to uphold and support operations.

This is a 8-9 hour a day shift role. 7 days a week with two days off per week and a salary of up to 20k per annum

Guest Associate 

A guest experience associate is needed to provide a welcoming tone to our guests that check into our client properties across London.

A friendly and approachable manner is essential

Help guests check in comfortably


Help with any enquiries and be available to assist throughout their booking


Organise maintenance work with our contractors as necessary

Being super responsive to each and every enquiry or question that comes into the inbox so being able to manage and respond o all messages as fast as possible will be one of your key objectives


Within reason, help each guest throughout their stay


Dealing with potential complaints and filtering this through to the cleaning teams if needed and any other department to establish cause if any


Being reactive and also having a bit of common sense to spot any easy to fix problems or suggest practical solutions


Contact each guest upon reservation and conducting 5 key care calls to cover their communication from booking to check in, the duration of the booking up until check out.

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